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Florian Rosenberg

Traveler, Software engineer, Researcher, DevOps enthusiast

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About me

I’ve joined IBM Research in January 2011, where I’m currently a Research Staff Member. I’m not doing much core research these days. In fact, I hack on a lot of interesting projects. I love the idea of DevOps and all the technical and organizational challenges that come with it. This is why I’m starting this blog.

Before IBM, I was a Research Scientist with the CSIRO ICT Centre in Australia. I completed my PhD in June 2009 at the Vienna University of Technology in Austria where I worked at the Distributed Systems Group. My current work focus is on DevOps and Cloud computing, in particular software configuration and continuous deployment incl. scaling, failure recovery, updates, etc.

In my free time, I enjoy various kinds of sports, mostly, running, cycling, swimming and in winter snowboarding. I also enjoy a glass of good wine and scotch.