About me

Currently, I’m the Global Head of Engineering at AIM Software GmbH in Vienna responsible for the GAIN EDM (Enterprise Data Management) product suite.

Before that, I held various leadership positions most noteably I spent some wonderful years at IBM in Vienna and New York and CSIRO/Data61 in Australia. I got to spend a lot of time working on cool stuff related to AI/ML services (such as IBM DLaaS), Cloud, DevOps tooling that resulted in a number of patents as well.

I was also foruntate enough to spend some wonderful years in academia. I completed my PhD in June 2009 at TU Wien, Austria where I was a member of the Distributed Systems Group. My main focus was on service-oriented architectures, in particular how to engineer resilient applications that are composed of microservices, just that we did not call it microservice back then.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my familiy, being outdoors and various kinds of sports like Crossfit (proud member of CF Vienna) and snowboarding.